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Arthritis  Compression Socks
Arthritis  Compression Socks
Arthritis  Compression Socks
Arthritis  Compression Socks

Arthritis Compression Socks

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 Feel the difference with Compression Socks™…

Our new patent pending Compression Zone Technology ® is the best way to stabilize ankles, reduce swelling and relieve foot pain. Whether you´re retired, an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast or simply love to wear high heels, you may know how painful wearing shoes over a longer period of time can be. These compression socks make your life more comfortable and pain free.

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Aching feet can kill your day…

If the best part of the day is removing your shoes to get some pain relief, you’re probably suffering from one (or more) foot diseases. Our compression socks were specifically developed for stressed and aching feet.  They provide medical grade orthopedic support and relief from plantar fasciitis and most other foot diseases and causes for pain.


New Compression Zone Technology for your comfort

The brand new, patent pending, Compression Zone Technology ® features 3 levels of compression that target 7 zones. For the first time ever a single pair of socks welcomes relief to your entire foot. Targeted compression relieves pain almost instantly from your ball, arch, plantar fascia, heel and ankle, making this pair the best all-around solution for you.

Suited for all kinds of foot pain

The compression socks are suited for you if you suffer from Heel Pain, especially if its chronic, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Flat foot, diabetic complications or simply tired and stressed feet. Simply wear these socks in your shoes (they fit in any shoe) with or without the use of normal socks. Nurses, hair dressers, waiters and all kinds of workers who need to stay on their feet for a longer time LOVE these socks and make their workdays more comfortable and free of pain.


Compression gear for runners, hikers and sports enthusiasts

If you´re an athlete or an outdoor enthusiast who likes long walks or runs you may know how pain can really dampen the mood. From now on you can count on your feet again and use these compression socks to stabilize your ankles and heels, so pain won´t be an issue again. Simply wear these socks during your exercises, or straight after having a shower and you will feel the difference.


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